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There are six main sections to the Galafilm War of 1812 Website:

Introduction: For an overview of the causes, effects, and outcomes of the War of 1812, read our introductory essay.

People and Stories:
Learn about the War of 1812 from the individuals who orchestrated it, as well as many of the lesser-known figures. As well as British, American, First Nations, or Canadian perspectives, you can explore Boys at War, Women and War and Songs and Poems from the War of 1812.

Events and Locations: Learn about the war from the point of view the key events and the locations in which they took place. Use the maps of the six main regions to navigate your way through the war's most important encounters. You may also read about the war in a chronological manner.

Background and Ideas: Explore the issues that led to the armed conflict which pitted a newly independent country, against another's expanding empire, while a host of indigenous nations caught between fought for their survival. Here you will also find various points of view from a series historians we interviewed, as well as a series called "Little Known Facts".

Exploration and Quiz: This is the section that allows you to test your knowledge of the "who"s, "where"s and "why"s of the War of 1812.

Images and Catalogue: Visit Galafilm's War of 1812 art collection; an astounding series of paintings, drawings, and etchings from a wide variety of sources. Let the paintings and portraits speak for themselves as you tour through our virtual gallery.


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Chronology: A quick reference page of the main events of the war, posted in chronological order.
Maps: Learn about the war via a series of period maps selected from our image gallery.
Forum: Join in an online discussion about the War of 1812 and any number of related issues.
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