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Re-enactments of key battles; over 300 essays; over 700 images; hundreds of excerpts from first hand accounts; professional historians' analysis; and more than 100 QT movies.

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Welcome to the Galafilm War of 1812 website!

Produced as a companion to our four part documentary film production on the 1812 conflict, which was directed by Brian McKenna, this site is intended for students, teachers and anybody interested in this fascinating period of North American history.

You can discover what happened and who was involved by reading the people and stories, events and locations or background and ideas sections. To help you visualize the stories we’ve compiled a wide variety of paintings, original maps and first hand accounts. Then, get to the heart of the conflict by reading the arguments presented by the historians we interviewed, hearing sound clips from the film, and testing your knowledge by playing our interactive quiz. For an overview on the War of 1812 and why it started, we suggest you begin with the Introduction section.

In order to navigate this website properly, it is necessary to obtain the Shockwave Plug-in. If you do not see the navigational bar below, click here to download Shockwave.

Once you have the plug-in, move your mouse over the bar and choose any of the six major sections: Introduction, People and Stories, Events and Locations, Background and Ideas, Exploration and Quiz, or Image Gallery and Catalogues.