This is a collection of historical maps of the War of 1812. Some of the maps with captions link to more detailed event pages. View full size maps to see even greater detail.

Plan of St.Clair's Camp and Battle
Plan of the Battle of the Fallen Timbers
Attack on Fort Bowyer
Attack by British Barges on American Boats Gun Boats
Affair Below New Orleans
Battle of New Orleans
Position of the Armies - Battle of New Orleans
Plan of Tippecanoe Camp and Battle
Site of Chicago and of Events there in 1812
Movements at Frenchtown
Map of the Niagara Frontier
Fort Meigs and Vicinity
Siege of Fort Meigs
Attack on Fort Stephenson
Erie's Presque Isle Bay
The Affair at La Colle Mill
Battle of Chippawa
The Battle of Niagara Falls
Siege and Defence of Fort Erie
McArthur's Raid
Plan of the Battle Ground at Bladensburg
Fortifications around New York
Battle of the Thames
Map of Operations at Ogdensburg
Lake Ontario
Plan of Operations at the Mouth of the Niagara River
Operations at Sackett's Harbour in May 1813
Plan of Sackett's Harbour and its Defenses in 1814
Chrysler's Field
Plan of Operations at Craney Island
Plan of Operations at Hampton
Battle of Talladega
Seat of the Creek War in Upper Alabama
The Battle of Horse Shoe
Plan of the Naval Action on Lake Champlain
Map of the Seat of the War Between the St-Lawrence and Lake Champlain