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Recollections & Extracts From The Journals Of Miss Anne Prevost


Anne Prevost - Biography

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EDITOR'S NOTE: The following memoirs of Anne Prevost are copied directly from her original writings, all spelling and punctuation (including underlining) appears as therein.

After having lain untouched for almost 200 years, in the mid-1990s Miss Anne Prevost's remarkable papers were rediscovered in the Prevost family archives.

Part 1: Early Years and Living in Quebec

I was born the first of January 1795, at Weybridge in Surrey. The first event impressed on my memory with any distinctness is the death of my Sister Constance. She died very suddenly at ten years old when I was about five. I do not remember that I felt any particular affection for her, but I know I was shocked and distressed at witnessing my Mother's grief; – some years afterwards I used to think of her with very tender regret.

My Parents married because they loved each other. The match was thought imprudent, and my Grandmother Prevost did not like my Mother because she was the means of frustrating her worldly schemes. None of her children pleased her in their marriages, for though her daughter obtained wealth, I must do her the justice to say, she did not approve her choice, and I have heard she told my Aunt her objections. She wished for wealth but she had principle enough to regret the absence of virtue.

The Governor's residence at Quebec is very inferior to the Government House at Halifax, although my Father's predecessor laid out so much money on its embellishment that it was one cause of his squabbles with his parliament.

My bed-room was situated in an uncomfortable sort of place and had no stove in it. However I thought its discomforts amply compensated by my being allowed to have a small sitting-room near it, where I might retire for reading and writing and have my books arranged in the nicest order in two small book-cases. It was papered and carpeted and was altogether what I considered a very complete little boudoir.