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The Burning of Washington


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The Battle of New Orleans, by Jimmy Driftwood

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"Alas For Them" by Charles Sprague

Alas for them! their day is o'er,
Their fires are out from shore to shore;
No more for them the wild deer bounds–
The plow is on their hunting-grounds.


Old poem of the War of 1812 that could easily be either side's, though it's by Angus Umphraville, an American.

She comes! The proud invader comes
To waste our country, spoil our homes;
To lay our towns and cities low,
And bid our mothers' tears to flow;
Our wives lament, our orphans weep–
To seize the empire of the deep!

"The Burning of Washington"

A veteran host, by veterans led,
With Ross and Cockburn at their head,
They came–they saw–they burned–and fled!
They left our Congress naked walls–
Farewell to towers and capitols!
To lofty roofs and splendid halls!
To conquer armies in the field
Was, once, the surest method held
To make a hostile country yield.
The warfare now the invaders make
Must surely keep us all awake,
Or life is lost for freedom's sake.


"Death of Tecunseh"

The moment was fearful; a mightier foe
Had ne'er swung his battle-axe o'er him;
But hope nerved his arm for a desperate blow,
And Tecumseh fell prostrate before him.
He fought in defence of his kindred and king,
With a spirit most loving and loyal,
And long shall the Indian warrior sing
The deeds of Tecumseh the royal.


Two poems on the Battle of New Orleans:


America's glory, which dazzled the world
When the toils of our sires had achieved independence,
Was brightened when Jackson her banners unfurled
To protect the dear boon for their grateful descendants–
When the conquerors of Spain
Crossed the boisterous main,
Boldly threat'ning to rivet our fetters again;
But a happy new year for Columbia begun
When our Jackson secured what our Washington won.

(by Samuel Woodworth)



White-winged Peace, the dove from heaven's portal,
Brought with its olive-branch a song immortal,
That filled all hearts with melody supernal,
While yet was heard the battle din infernal.

(author unknown)