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Sitting Bull, Sioux Poundmaker, Cree Joseph Brant, Mohawk Black Hawk, Sauk Pontiac, Ottawa

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Cree Nation
Language Cree
Cultural Groups Plains, Woodland, Swampy, Moose
Cree Bands Calling River People, Rabbit Skin People, Cree-Assiniboine, Touchwood Hills People, House People, Parklands People, Upstream People, Downstream People

"I can't understand," said Poundmaker at his trial, "how it is that after saving so many lives I am brought here." The fate of the great Cree chief represents the tragedy that befell the First Nations of the Great Plains in the second half of the 19th century. In this section you'll meet the Plains Cree Nation. You'll find out more about Cree customs and institutions. You'll discover how the rise of Canada changed the lives of Poundmaker and his nation forever. More about Cree Nation ...

Significant People

Big Bear
Fine Day
Sir J.A.Macdonald
Wandering Spirit

Life & Culture

About the Cree
Cree dress
Culture Clash

Maps and Territories

Key Events & Battles

Cut Knife
Frog Lake Massacre
Fur Trade
Poundmaker Trial

Current Events

Conviction challenged
Elijah Harper
New Land Deal
James Bay


Listen to the words of Poundmaker ...

 Did you know? 

Today, There are some 200,000 Cree registered in Canada. Approximately a third of Canada's Native population and almost 3 per cent of Canada's general population is of Cree background. Most of Canada's Métis population, another 200,000, is of Cree origin and speaks "Michif," a unique French-Cree creole using French nouns and Cree verbs.