Fly-On-The-Wall Series Follows Professional Aspirations of Young Montreal Men and Women Seeking Fame and Fortune in the Booming
Online Adult Entertainment Industry

(Montreal – Thursday, August 4, 2005) – WEBDREAMS, a provocative new half-hour, ten-part documentary series produced by Montreal-based Galafilm, will have its World Premiere on Showcase, Friday, September 2 at 10:00 p.m ET/PT.

WEBDREAMS, a Showcase Original series, follows the ups and downs in the lives of a group of young Montreal men and women who work in the online adult entertainment industry. Filmed in Montreal - one of the largest production centres in North America - and in New York, Paris, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Arizona, and Quebec City, WEBDREAMS reveals a thriving community that feeds the ever-growing culture of sexual wants and needs. Although sometimes armed with little more than their home computers, web cameras and a few props, these players have turned their private lives into a global electronic playing field.

The stars of WEBDREAMS are an assortment of performers, innovators, creators, aspiring entrepreneurs and, above all, dreamers. We’ll meet Dugmor, the infamous, groundbreaking webmaster; Malezia, Dugmor’s sexy new discovery; Dave, the hunky, gay porn star; Katrina, the Russian bombshell; and the diverse group of webcam girls at the 2Much studios. All see their web ventures as the rainbow that will lead them to their goal of fame and fortune. Beginning at the start of one especially hot Montreal summer, WEBDREAMS follows all of these fascinating characters as they strive to make their web dreams come true.

Tightly edited from over 600 hours of filmed footage, WEBDREAMS is about the real, day-to-day lives of those who choose to make their living in the world of adult entertainment. While each of our stars has an Internet persona, they also have families, friends and, sometimes, regular day jobs. Like most of us, they have financial worries, personal issues and dilemmas of the heart. They are the men and women next door, delicately balancing their real lives with the characters they play online. We’ll see exactly how far they’re willing to go to achieve their goals. And, by exploring their everyday lives, we witness the tension between two worlds — Internet porn and real life — and what happens when those worlds collide.

“The sex business has been at the forefront of new technological developments for the internet,” says WEBDREAMS producer Michael Kronish, “and thanks to Montreal’s liberal social attitudes, an unending supply of talent, and zealous entrepreneurs, everyone seemed poised to exploit this market. We got a chance in WEBDREAMS to record a first-hand account of these amazing people – some old pros and some newcomers - who have chosen to make their sex lives available to the online community. It’s an extremely interesting scene, and the rift between our stars’ public and private lives is fascinating."

Says series writer/director Ziad Touma: “I’d previously made Saved by the Belles and Kink, two projects dealing with sexual identity, and I thought WEBDREAMS would be interesting as a way to delve further into an exploration of cyber-identity. Interestingly, filming nudity or sexual situations wasn’t a difficulty for our characters, in contrast to most documentary subjects. But unlike the majority of us, their inhibitions lie in their personal and emotional life. I hope that WEBDREAMS allows us to learn more about what goes on behind the adult entertainment scenes, and get to know the people we often dismiss after they have satisfied our deepest fantasies on screen.”

Series writer/director of WEBDREAMS is Ziad Touma (Saved by the Belles, Kink III). The series is directed by Ziad Touma and Joshua Dorsey (Here Am I, One Day). Content Producer is Gregory Fine. Producer is Michael Kronish. Executive producer is Arnie Gelbart.

WEBDREAMS is produced by Galafilm Inc. in association with Showcase, and with the participation of the Canadian Television Fund created by the Government of Canada and the Canadian Cable Industry, CTF: License Fee and Equity Program, the Québec Film and Television Tax Credit administered by SODEC, and the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit. Galafilm Distribution distributes WEBDREAMS worldwide.

For 15 years, Galafilm has been at the forefront of independent film and television production in Canada. Founded and helmed by Arnie Gelbart, the Montreal-based company has grown into one of Canada’s leading entertainment producers with an expertise in national and international co-productions. Galafilm’s catalogue boasts over 200 hours of award winning and commercially successful entertainment – a diverse slate that includes documentaries, youth programs, television dramas and feature films. A leader in Canadian documentary production, Galafilm built its reputation by producing cutting edge and socially reflective documentaries. Brian McKenna’s widely controversial The Valour and the Horror won three Gemini Awards including Best Direction and Best Documentary Series. Since then the company has earned numerous accolades for its documentaries, including a 2003 Emmy Award for Cirque du Soleil Fire Within, and a 2004 Prix Europa in the TV Current Affairs: Television category for the critically-acclaimed The Origins of AIDS.

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Support Photography for WEBDREAMS is available from the Showcase media site.

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